Saturday, 6 January 2018

Visual perception

Can you answer any one or two of these right?

1. In visual perception, the recurrence or prolongation of a visual phenomenon beyond the customary limits of the appearance of the real event in the world is termed ___________

2. The size of the perception can be either larger '________' or smaller ' ___________' than expected.

3. In some cases, there can be apparent reduction in one hemifield of vision '_____________'

4. These anomalies are common in ______________.

5. Alteration in the customary shape of the perceived object is termed __________ .

6. ‘One woman saw people upside down, on their heads’ (Bleuler, 1950). This is an example of ___________

7. When metamorphopsia affects faces, it is referred to as __________.

8. , ____________, is the complete absence of colour

9. ______________ refers to the perversion of colour perception

10. . ___________ involves the object appearing far away,

11. __________ is the term used when the object is appearing nearer than it should.

12. ____________ is the term for when the perceived object is in a different position from what is expected, so that the patient, for example, experiences the transposition of objects from left to right.

13. __________ is the impairment of visual perception of motion in which the individual is unable to perceive the motion of objects.

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