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ICD-11 Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder

ICD-11 Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder (6A02) Autism spectrum disorder is characterised by persistent deficits in the ability to initiate and to sustain reciprocal social interaction and social communication, and by a range of restricted, repetitive, and inflexible patterns of behaviour, interests or activities that are clearly atypical or excessive for the individual’s age and sociocultural context. The onset of the disorder occurs during the developmental period, typically in early childhood, but symptoms may not become fully manifest until later, when social demands exceed limited capacities. Deficits are sufficiently severe to cause impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning and are usually a pervasive feature of the individual’s functioning observable in all settings, although they may vary according to social, educational, or other context. Individuals along the spectrum exhibit a full range of intellectual func

Psychiatry Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Third Edition

Psychiatry Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Third Edition Rebecca A. Schmidt April 18, 2019 Pearls of Wisdom: Third Edition contains more than 2,300 quick-hit questions and answers addressing the most frequently tested topics on psychiatry board and in-service examinations. Only the correct answers are given, so only the correct answers can be memorized. The rapid-fire question-and-answer format with checkboxes to mark which questions to come back to lends itself to studying alone or with a partner. Every question in this edition has been carefully evaluated to make sure it is completely up-to-date. The new edition addresses four sections of major importance on the boards: General Information; Psychopathology (such as eating disorders and sleep disorders); Special Topics (such as substance abuse and child psychiatry); and Treatment Modalities. Market: Psychiatry Residents seeking certification in psychiatry (1,200 per year) Recertifying Psychiatrists (750 per year); recertification is r

Superego Cafe

Superego Cafe The Critical Appraisal Company For more than 22 years, healthcare professionals have enjoyed visiting Superego Cafe. Superego Cafe is a medical education startup, that offers online, in-person, and customised training programs for health. Superego Cafe, a trainee psychiatrist website, was launched in 1999. It expanded to include a critical appraisal, ongoing professional development, and MRCPsych exam preparation courses. The webmaster of's Superego Cafe's MRCPsych Forum was Dr Gurpal Singh Gosall. This website, the top online resource for MRCPsych exam applicants, was created and is now run by him. The website has received positive reviews from the British Medical Journal and Hospital Doctor magazine. To address the demand for our distinctive training method in healthcare organisations and the pharmaceutical business, not just in the UK but also across the rest of Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia, a new subsidiary, The Critical Appraisal Com

The Doctor’s Guide to Critical Appraisal (5th edition, 2020)

The Doctor’s Guide to Critical Appraisal (5th edition, 2020) Written by two tutors of The Critical Appraisal Company and published by PasTest, The Doctor’s Guide to Critical Appraisal is a comprehensive and up-to-date review of clinicians' knowledge and skills to appraise clinical research papers. This new edition expands on the award-winning third edition with a modified structure, new and updated chapters, new figures and scenarios, and more help with difficult topics. Also includes excerpts from real clinical papers to illustrate key concepts. The Doctor’s Guide to Critical Appraisal is used worldwide by doctors, dentists, nurses, medical students and researchers. The book can help develop the knowledge and skills to appraise clinical research papers effectively. It provides essential reading for a range of postgraduate examinations, including MRCGP, MRCPsych, FCEM, FRCS, MRCOG, ISFE, MFPH and FPM. This latest edition of the award-winning book is available at all good bookshops.

MRCPsych CASC Notes

MRCPsych CASC Notes The Royal College of Psychiatrists' Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies (CASC) examination was created to evaluate the clinical competencies expected of trainees following 30 months of training. It is the last obstacle to clearing before becoming a full member of the College. This book aims to aid readers in passing what could seem to be a challenging examination by giving them the essential theory. Reference Type:  Book Record Number: 511 Author: Dutta, A. and Bhandary, N.M. Year: 2010 Title: MRCPsych CASC Notes Publisher: Short Title: MRCPsych CASC Notes ISBN: 9781445702032 URL: