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Competency of the mother to consent for children

A 25-year old woman developed postpartum psychosis. The newborn developed cyanosis due to congenital heart disease. The newborn needs cardiac surgery. Surgeon discussed the procedure with the mother. She understood the procedure. Can she give the consent ? Comments   Asma Zafar Yes   Immo Mani Yes   Annie Hassan No   Sarmad Mushtaq No   Valeed Ahmed The pre-requisites for consent are that the patient (or the other person in charge) must fully and clearly understand the condition and its treatment., be competent and agree to the consent voluntarily. As the patient understood everything, so she her consent is acceptable. One person may be competent for one decision and be incompetent for another one. In this case the patient is competent as she was able to understand the decision   Anam Najam logically correct laikin yaqeen nhi a raha :-/   Valeed Ahmed Please read the consent topic in oxford once more. There is a similar statement   Valeed Ahmed   Anam Najam Thanks :)

Consent validity by minors

A 17-year old boy came to a surgeon for bilateral vasectomy. He is the father of one child and does not want to have any more children. He does not want to tell his girlfriend and parents. He lives with his parents. What should a surgeon do in this situation? Comments   Anam Najam perform the procedure   Asma Zafar Tell him both the advantages and disadvantages of performing the procedure and make him to write cost benefit analysis to realize the situation   Ali Al Shikh Consent is necessary  But first he has to know the cause of this surgery ( may has psychological cause)   Valeed Ahmed He is a minor as yet and may not understand the implications of such a serious decision. The surgeon should refuse the vasectomy and offer other less harmful alternatives.   Anam Najam Isnt it so that one can give consent if one is above 16 yrs of age?   Valeed Ahmed Not in every case.   Ghada Hegazy He's a minor living with his parents. The guardian must consent. The only exception is if he

Legal capacity to consent

A 40-year old schizophrenic patient needs hernia repair. Surgeon discussed the procedure with the patient who understood the procedure. Can the patient give consent? Anam Najam yes Like · Reply · July 2 at 10:44pm Asma Zafar No Like · Reply · July 2 at 11:06pm Immo Mani Yes Like · Reply · July 3 at 12:39am Valeed Ahmed Yes, as already explained, if someone understands the procedure, agrees to it and be competent, he can give the consent Like · Reply · 2 · July 3 at 2:49pm Angel's Dua yes since he is in good state of health who can understand the procedure so he can also give consent

Who were the first scientists who theorized that stress may preciptate illness ?

Thomas Homes and Richard Rahe in the 1960s first demosntrated that stress may precipitate illness by studying the kinds of events preceding the onset of tuberculosis. Interestingly, there were also positive life changes among these events e.g. Marriage, birth of baby. According to Himes and Rahe, it is the "change" associated with these events that generates the stress.